Record Voter Turnout Expected in Williamson County: An Expert's Perspective

Voters in Williamson County may not have been too enthusiastic about the election season, but that doesn't mean they won't be turning out in record numbers come November. According to the Williamson County Elections Office, they are expecting a record turnout for the upcoming election. Courtenay Rogers, vice president of the Williamson County Democratic Party and district 10 county commission candidate, noted that while the trends in state and local voter turnout of 30.5% and 29.6%, respectively, are disheartening, she understands that the timing of these elections can be difficult for voters. In the past five years, Williamson County has had the highest percentage of voter turnout among Tennessee's 95 counties.

Wilson County (78.1% participation) and Loudon County (76.5%), near Knoxville, ranked second and third in state voter turnout, respectively. Anika Exum is a reporter who covers Williamson County in The Tennessean, which is part of the USA Today Network Tennessee. She reported that early voting figures show that Williamson County voters are not too excited about this election season. However, she believes that this could change come November when more people are expected to turn out to vote. Voting is an essential part of democracy and it is critical that citizens exercise their right to vote.

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