What is the Fastest Growing County in Texas? A Comprehensive Look

Texas is one of the most populous states in the US, with over 30 million people now living there. According to the latest population estimates, 158 counties have seen an increase in residents, while 95 are declining. San Saba County is the only one that has not experienced any change. Helen You, associate director of the Texas Demographic Center, has noted that much of this growth is due to migration and urbanization trends that have been occurring for decades.

Kaufman County is the fastest-growing county in the state, followed by Rockwall, Parker, Comal, and Liberty counties. Rockwall County was also the second-fastest-growing county in the nation, behind Lincoln County, South Dakota. Concho, Coke and Hudspeth counties rose 4 places in the ranking of largest counties, ranked 213, 214 and 216 respectively. Harris and Dallas counties lost more than 40,000 residents due to overseas migration, and El Paso County saw more than 3,000 residents move to other locations.

Among the 10 largest counties in Texas, three saw more people moving out of the county than into the county. Chambers County (5.7%), Hays and Comal Counties (5.2%) and Fort Bend County (5.1%) were also among the 10 fastest-growing counties in the US. Rapid population growth can bring both political and economic benefits but can also cause challenges for counties that lose population. Infrastructure can be a major issue for these areas.

It is essential to understand why certain counties are growing faster than others so that resources can be allocated accordingly.

Janis Veino
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