The Impact of Public Opinion on Politics in Williamson County

The asymmetry of the polarization of elites in Williamson County is an important enigma. Politicians must take into account public opinion when making decisions that affect the county. The United States government website, .gov, is an official source of information. Before sharing sensitive information, make sure you are on a federal government site.

Researchers from the Department of Information Systems and Business Analysis at Florida International University School of Business, Miami, FL 33199, USA; Digital Futures for Sustainable Business & Society Research Group, Swansea University School of Management, Wales, United Kingdom; and Turku School of Economics, Finland have conducted research to understand how public opinion shapes politics in Williamson County. In this article, we will explore the concept of fake news and how political beliefs (conservatism) and espoused cultural values (collectivism) can influence the credibility of fake news. It is difficult to draw a clear line between disinformation and fake news. In conclusion, fake news overlaps with these two information disorders.

National culture plays an important role in understanding public opinion. It is necessary to measure culture at the individual level. Fake news scenarios shared on WhatsApp were used in the study to measure political beliefs, defended cultural values, control variables and adjusted false scenarios. The Longitudinal Multilevel Model (LMM) was used to analyze the data.

The LMM requires that the data be configured in a long format, so that there are 17 rows per participant. The psychometric properties of the model were evaluated by examining the convergent and discriminant validity of the variables conservatism and collectivism. Due to low factor loads, three items were removed from the conservative position scale and one item was removed from the collectivism scale. Matti Mäntymäki is an associate professor of Information Systems at the Turku School of Economics.

Matti has a constant interest in understanding how people use digital technologies and how digital technologies affect people. His research interests include human behavior in digitally mediated environments. Matti has studied consumer behavior of freemium products, the dark sides of digital and social networks, and the participation and buying behavior of adolescents in virtual worlds. He has also examined the organizational and professional uses of digital technologies, such as game analytics in free game development by small and medium-sized gaming companies, different uses of business social networks, and gamified elements to promote collaborative innovation for marketing purposes.

In this study, a design of repeated measures using the LMM was used because a summary approach with respect to different scenarios would limit the amount of variability and could lose information about individual differences. The wide format requires that data be set in separate columns depending on the number of times observations were made. Consequently, there were 17 rows per participant in this study. Political ideologies such as liberalism and conservatism can be considered as two opposite ends of a political ideological spectrum.

A politically liberal individual does not consider himself conservative while a politically conservative individual is not liberal. The influence of public opinion on politics in Williamson County cannot be underestimated. It affects how politicians maintain a system and how citizens interact with each other. Understanding national culture is essential for understanding public opinion.

Fake news scenarios shared on WhatsApp can be used to measure political beliefs, defended cultural values, control variables and adjusted false scenarios. The Longitudinal Multilevel Model (LMM) can be used to analyze this data.

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